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What is grief and how can bereavement counselling help?

Bereavement is the term for losing someone close to us. Unfortunately, at some point in life, we will encounter grief; the pain of losing someone we care about. Feelings of shock, numbness, anger and sorrow make up the natural grieving process. We may also experience feelings of depression and exhaustion.

Grief is a natural reaction to losing someone we care about. However, if left unprocessed, loss can cause deep emotional scars and mental health problems. Bereavement counselling can help with managing grief and loss.

Stages of loss, bereavement and grief

Shock is a typical initial response to bereavement, as is disbelief. Denial normally follows. For example, you might try to convince yourself nothing has changed, re-enacting activities such as making a drink for your loved one. Anger and even guilt may then be felt. These emotions can manifest in a range of ways, from blaming others to having emotional mood swings. A period of depression may follow including symptoms such as insomnia, irritability, loss of appetite and social withdrawal. You may experience a loss of purpose.

Finally, in healthy grieving, you will move towards acceptance. Thoughts may become less, allowing you to rebuild your energy and motivation. If you are struggling to cope with your feelings of grief and loss, bereavement counselling can help you to manage your emotions. 

How can therapy help with grief?

Therapy can be an empowering means of dealing with your loss. Whether it is the death of a loved one a job or home - bereavement therapists can help you through the grieving process. They will assist you in tackling painful emotions, to adopt new coping strategies. Bereavement counsellors can offer you a safe space to explore feelings.


How to find a therapist for grief and bereavement counselling

We vet our therapists for grief to ensure they are registered and insured to practice as a therapist in the UK. We also diligently check they are registered members of UK professional bodies, to make sure our therapists have completed the professional training necessary to work as a licensed practitioner. You can find a therapist or grief counsellor to help with grief and loss.

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