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Child Therapy

How to find a child therapist and what they can help with
There is nothing more precious than our children. If your child is struggling with mood or behaviour, they may benefit from psychotherapy.  Psychological therapy for children and infants can be used to explore what a child may be feeling or attempting to communicate. Therapy can help your child in a number of ways, from strengthening their communication skills to improving their confidence levels.

Does your child need extra help?
Just like adults, children can experience challenges in their lives. If a child is having persistent difficulties with their mood or behaviour, talking with a child psychologist may help. Child psychologists can assist with a number of issues, including: anxiety, anger, family problems, low self-esteem, depression, speech and communication problems, temper tantrums, crying, trauma and grief, self-harm, sleep problems, bed-wetting, social exclusion, and food-related problems. 

Find a child therapist here

What is psychological therapy for children and infants?
Child psychologists aim to understand, treat, and ultimately prevent emotional issues experienced by children. They work with both the child and their parents to plan an effective therapy process tailored to the child’s individual issues. 
Psychological therapy for children and infants can be used to explore what a child may be feeling or attempting to communicate. Child development and attachment theory can also be applied to better understand the concerns of young people. Child psychologists may use assessment, discussion, or observation of the child’s behaviour within the therapy process.

Your child therapist
At Prohealth Therapy, we acknowledge that every child is unique and that their issues, behaviours, and emotions may be influenced by a number of different contributing factors. Every child presenting with psychological issues will be treated as an individual by our qualified, professional child psychologists, who will tailor treatment to the specific needs of each child. Child psychologists will often invite family members to participate in the child’s treatment to provide support. 

We ensure all therapists on our platform are UK registered, insured, and professionally trained counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists and cognitive behaviour therapists. They will work with you to decide the pace of your child’s treatment and how many sessions of psychotherapy your child might need. Therapists will not judge you or your child, nor force you into following a particular course of action. 
What can you expect from a session with a child psychologist? 

A child psychologist will help you and your child to identify the cause of the issues they are experiencing within a safe space, where your child can feel understood. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), parenting guidance, and both play and family therapies may be used to help address concerns regarding your child’s mood or behaviour. Therapy sessions will take place weekly at the same time to establish routine and help your child to get the most out of each session. 
Your child will strengthen their communication skills and confidence levels throughout the therapy process, while also learning how to cope with any difficult feelings they may be experiencing. Benefits of the process can include an improvement in your child’s relationship with friends and family members. Plus a newly found opportunity for them to renew their focus on learning and living a happy childhood. 

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